I had a minor (as in “hyperactive, can’t stop talking” rather than “oh my god, hide in the corner” type) meltdown yesterday. Poor Clay, listening to me babble about how much there is to learn in Blender.

People spend years learning 3D animation. The basic concepts aren’t that basic, and getting actually good at it takes a lot of work. In addition, professionals often specialize in just one of the many steps involved in the work flow — modeling, shading, layout and animation, lighting, compositing — sometimes broken down further by type of object (character, set, scene, etc.)

It feels like an incredibly steep hill to climb. I know that we don’t have to have anything of Pixar-like quality, but I want to feel proud and not have the urge to apologize about things looking beginner or amateurish. I know it’s very early days yet (hence only a minor meltdown), and I haven’t  even worked through the tutorials for some key concepts yet, so everything will be all right.

But some days, you just need to be able to melt down a little. 🙂