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Early Space Render

Of course, when you’re doing Sci-Fi, there has to be ships orbiting planets… and so Linda made a planet. Granted, this one is Earth, but hey, that’s the best place to start, right?

Which is, in of itself, a great Sci-Fi title. 😀

But this deals with watching something that existed in your head slowly taking shape in reality… in this case, digital reality, but still… it’s amazing.

An early rendering of future awesomeness

An early rendering of future awesomeness

I can’t even begin to explain what a fantastic job Linda is doing pulling all of this technical stuff together.  Every time she shows me something new I can only think “holy crap, we’re that far already?!”

There is a team of excited people beginning to form around this project (Code Named, “Project: Monkey Dance”) — and if they have even a QUARTER of Linda’s zeal… things look bright.