Well, we’ve had a bit of a lull in the project lately. For me it was a combination of holiday season craziness and a bit of “hitting the wall”ness on the 3D side.

I have been feeling that I’m at the point where I need other input into the set and prop design in Blender, to keep the creative juices flowing. Still frustrated at times when I get the sense that I can easily do the thing I’m envisioning, but then when I get into it, I find that in fact my skill level means that things still kind of blow up on me (as in: I’m having to struggle to get my models to look the way I want, leading to weird overlapping faces or other inefficiencies).

I am still hoping to get some sort of “Blender camp” started soon, to give me those other viewpoints and force me to cement my knowledge well enough to teach it to others. In the meantime, however, I’ve ordered the digital painting/texturing book I’ve had an eye on (plus one on match moving, for when we get ready to start shooting). I have always learned well from books; hopefully, another resource for a currently semi-mysterious aspect of the process will get me jazzed up again. 🙂