Today, I finished the basic character outlines for the main cast.  They are, as with most Sci-Fi shows, mostly perfect hero types.  Everyone has something awesome in their past that they did, and there’s the requisite grumpy guy.

Now it’s time to take a second look at the character sketches and start to flesh them out.  To give them flaws and weaknesses.  To make them realistic people instead of portraits of perfection.  Since we’re doing this as a drama, there really NEEDS to be flaws to play off of, but not so many as to make the whole show an Emofest.

So tarnishing must be done with care.

The thing that amazes me the most out of all this is that, in telling the back story of each of these characters, story ideas come out of the woodwork and just lay themselves at my feet.  It’s pretty freakin’ cool.  My only fear is that there will be too many stories to tell in the format that we’re telling them.  Since each of our “seasons” will amount to the same time that two episodes of a normal hour long sci-fi show takes, it limits our storytelling a bit.

At least for now…